Federal Employee Disability Coverage

Injuries happen, are you prepared?

Guaranteed Approval

This program is guaranteed for all federal employees.

Timely Payment of Benefits

Only a 14 day waiting period before benefits kick in.

Full Coverage

This program covers on and off the job injuries.

About the Program

The Need for Disability Insurance

The odds of an illness of or injury causing you to miss work are extremely high. Add to this the fact that many federal jobs involve physical activity and you realize having disability insurance is just as important as health insurance.

Look around your office and think about who has missed work due to illness or injury. Sure there’s sick leave, but what happens if that runs out? It doesn’t take long before your financial house can head south quickly.

For Federal Employees Only

This program is only offered to federal employees. This is a group plan where everyone is accepted as long as you meet a couple very simple conditions pertaining to your work status. There is no increase in premiums for your age or sex or your physical condition. You pick the benefit amount and you pay a flat rate based on that monthly benefit.

Program Benefits

No physicals or examinations

Most disability programs require physicals, prescription checks, as well as checking your driving record. If an insurance company checks all these areas it reduces your chances of being approved.

Only a 14-day waiting period before benefits start

Most disability plans require a 60 or 90 day waiting period before you are eligible for benefits. If you think about it A LOT of injuries and sicknesses can cause you to miss less than 90 days of work. On their plan you wouldn't receive even one check. On our plan you would be eligible after 14 days.

Monthly Benefits

After the 14 day waiting period you can elect a monthly tax free benefit up to $2,500 for federal employees and $2,000 for postal employees payable monthly for up to one year if needed.

Covers both on and off the job injuries

This is huge because you never know where you might be injured. If you're injured on the job you may be eligible for WCC, but if you fall in your back yard they aren't going to pay anything. Your paycheck needs to be protected no matter where the injury occurs and that's why our program covers both.

Easy application process

Applying for disability insurance is super simple! Answer a few questions and then we mail you the application where everything is highlighted. All you have to do is fill out the highlighted areas and set up your allotment (if you want payroll deduction).

Payroll deduction for premiums

Everybody knows it is easier to pay for something automatically. You can set up your disability premiums to come out of your paycheck. Every federal agency has a system where employees can set up allotments.

Your doctor makes the decision if you can work or not

This is probably one of the top two reasons Federal employees should utilize our program. Most disability plans require you to submit Dr's records to their IN HOUSE DOCTOR to determine if your claim will be paid. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the insurance company's doctor would be much more strict than your own family doctor. This can mean the difference between getting paid or not getting paid.

Coverage for up to one year per injury or sickness

This is a short-term disability plan that will make payments for up to one year for each covered illness or injury.

Cost & Coverage

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How Much Does it Cost?